Silence welling up from the core of our being may be understood, through experience, as the embrace of God.

Silence is not an auditory silence or even a quietness of the mind, it is a state of profound and inexpressible stillness in which God is known and experienced to be one’s true and abiding state.

The state of Silence thrives as the experience of the grace firmament, that expanse of supreme bliss which is the perfect primal entity. Consequently, all other states come to merge in it like many different rivers entering the ocean of Silence.

The Silence that shines in the heart, destroying utterly the objective awareness of the fragmented mind, is totally and perfectly ripe wisdom. For the individual, freedom is coalescing with its unsurpassed ground of being.

The utterly perfect supreme reality whose nature is Silence can only be kissed with Silence.

How wonderful it is that the very mind which was accustomed to moving in the way of the befuddled has now been made to shine with freedom as its own nature!

Do not suffer by wandering along with the mind. What business do you have with it? Through the attention that holds steadfastly to your truth, the beingness that transcends the mind, attain that truth.

Only the divine state of Silence is the state of wisdom. All other states are the imagination of a mind in which the supreme has fragmented.

When Silence occurs, he is the Lord who abides embracing me in a union with Him.

He is the ancient one; He is the immediate one; he exists as the supreme serenity; He is the tranquility immanent; the pure expanse whose essence is He himself, who is my ‘I’.

  • Muruganar


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