A wisdom not yet lost to this earth.

The transformation of the soul in God.

Particularly as it has found expression in the words of St John of the Cross:

Peace and transcendent holiness:
knowledge so perfect came unsought,
in deepest solitude was taught
to me in ways I can’t express
the narrow path to life, no less.

The Spanish poet and mystic, St John of the Cross, a Discalced Carmelite friar of the 16th century, offers some beautiful poetry and particularly lucid exposition of the stream of spirituality flowing from the mystic Mount Carmel.

Hermits living in the caves of Mt Carmel were driven from Palestine in 1291. Spreading throughout the world over the following centuries, establishing monasteries in which to continue living their tradition of contemplative prayer, they are known as Carmelites.

To this day there are still a few women amongst them, gathered together in the Silence of the holy enclosure, ensuring Wisdom is not lost to this earth.

With gratitude to Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD. and Otilio Rodriguez, OCD. ( ICS Publications) for the translations of the complete works of St John of the Cross.

With gratitude to Sister Marjorie Flowers, OCD. for her translations of the poetry of St John of the Cross.