Silence welling up from the core of our being may be understood, through experience, as the embrace of God.

Silence is not an auditory silence or even a quietness of the mind, it is a state of profound and inexpressible stillness in which God is known and experienced to be one’s true and abiding state.

The state of Silence thrives as the experience of the grace firmament, that expanse of supreme bliss which is the perfect primal entity. Consequently, all other states come to merge in it like many different rivers entering the ocean of Silence.

The Silence that shines in the heart, destroying utterly the objective awareness of the fragmented mind, is totally and perfectly ripe wisdom. For the individual, freedom is coalescing with its unsurpassed ground of being.

The beloved shines as the embodiment of Silence, the infinite expanse of grace. Causing us to see Him as the true self, He demonstrates clearly in our heart the natural state that exists as the treasure trove of grace.

The utterly perfect supreme reality whose nature is Silence can only be kissed with Silence.

When Silence occurs, he is the Lord who abides embracing me in a union with Him.

He is the ancient one; He is the immediate one; He exists as the supreme serenity; He is the tranquility immanent; the pure expanse whose essence is He himself, who is my ‘I’.

  • Sri Muruganar.


supernatural imaginative knowledge

When these apprehensions occur, they usually leave an impression either in the soul or in the memory or phantasy. At times the impression is most vivid and efficacious.

It is necessary to give advice about these apprehensions, lest they become an encumbrance to the memory and hinder it from union with God in pure and integral hope.

I declare that to obtain this blessing a person should never reflect upon the clear and distinct supernatural apprehensions for the purpose of preserving within himself their impressions and forms.

We must always bear in mind this principle: the more importance given to any clear and distinct apprehension, natural or supernatural, the less capacity the soul has for entering the abyss of faith, where all else is absorbed.

None of the supernatural impressions that can be had by the memory is God, and the soul must empty itself of all that is not God in order to go to God.

Every possession is against hope… hope is for that which is not possessed.

Asc. III:7

To be free…

To be what we are not, we must go by a way in which we are not.

To be free is to escape from ourselves… to coalesce into unity, returning to our true primordial state, losing ourselves in Love.

Being in love: being homage to the most simple, at the still centre of all, so utterly free.

“I and the Father are one”.

All not-at-one-ness, all division, rests on a clinging to individuality that hinders the coalescence into unity.

… being that truly understands itself grasps that it only comes to itself by moving away from itself and finding its way back as relatedness to its true primordial state.

Ratzinger J. (1969) I to C. (pp189-190)